More Young People Turn To Organic Foods

More Young People Turn To Organic Foods

More Young People Turn to Organic Foods

“It’s an empowering thing for a young person to be able to tell their families ways to eat healthier.”

Junk food may be a thing of the past as kids realize how much better they feel when they eat organic fruits and vegetables instead of potato chips, etc. I think they’ll eat even more organic foods when they learn how much fun it can be to cook 🙂

Revolution Foods

A couple of weekends back I had the opportunity to attend the Net Impact conference through my MBA program at Rady. I had the pleasure of meeting the CEO and Founder of Revolution Foods, a business that brings healthy, chef crafted meals to kids’ school lunches. I strongly suggest checking out her webpage! Revolution Foods may be a part of your school soon!

rev foods

Revolution Foods also creates meal kits you can buy at your grocery store…

It is so inspiring to see how many businesses are focusing on the health and well being of kids. I hope that businesses like Revolution Foods and Flour Children both facilitate and inspire YOU and YOUR FAMILY to eat healthier foods and spend more time thinking about what exactly you choose to put into your body. Because it is so important.

Spring Rolls @ The Point Loma Library

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Making spring rolls at the Point Loma Library means trying new fruits and vegetables while having fun with culinary experiments! Some may think it strange to combine bananas, zucchini, carrots, and avocado into a rice paper roll, drizzled with a peanut coconut sauce… but not us! Anything goes here… And if you want to know, it was delicious! I love seeing the creativity inside the minds of Flour Children. It’s…inspirational!