Kids in the Kitchen: March Event

Olivewood Gardens asked Flour Children to be the guest chef at another of their great events. I was thrilled! I have written about their incredible garden and kitchen before… it is truly incredible. Kids have a chance to really learn about where their food comes from, they learn about compost, and then they get to put on their chefs hats and create something delicious.

The Kids in the Kitchen event rotates the kids between 5 stations, three of which are cooking. Besides making peanut butter avocado smoothies and avocado corn salads, they came over to my station to create their very own granola mix. They topped plain yogurt with their granola and fresh fruit of choice- and devoured their creation. It was so much fun to see the different mixtures that came together!

3 kidsinkitchen kidsinkitchen2 kidsinkitchen3kidsinkitchengranola

Fruit and granola parfaits are one of the five Flour Children Introductory Classes. When I teach it, I specifically focus on food as medicine. Something like a fruit and granola parfait does as much for your taste buds as it does for your body. It prevents and heals what ails you.

Come learn how to make granola parfaits with Flour Children! Check our class schedule


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