Persimmons and “New” Fruits

Here is (possibly) a new fruit for you to try. Potentially your new favorite even, dare I say.

Have you tried a persimmon?


Persimmons are one of those fruits I had never even heard of until coming to San Diego. Then I came to San Diego to work on an organic farm in Valley Center- and I just remember seeing those beautiful, orange jewels dangling from the trees. I was so excited to taste one, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed when I did. I was lucky enough that when I moved to PB, a persimmon tree greeted me in the yard. I was immediately immersed in a world of this unknown fruit- and I had a lot of time to experiment.

What I first tasted was a Fuyu persimmon. It is the type that is eaten more like an apple. It is firm and you can just bite into it. The inside, if ripe, is the perfect balance of juicy and almost creamy. The skin can be a bit tough, but it is edible nonetheless. Fuyu persimmons are great in salads or just enjoyed as is. And the cross section- a serious example of nature’s paintbrush at work.


The other type of persimmon (below) is the Hitachi persimmon. A bit larger than the Fuyu, the Hitahci need be incredibly ripe. It should almost feel like a water balloon, like you can hardly touch it without puncturing the skin. At the market they had tons of boxes to carry them out, as they would undoubtedly break and get all over your other produce/car/hands/whatever. The Hitachi persimmons are used more for cooking. From what I have learned, their pulp seems to hold the same place as super ripe bananas for banana bread or even applesauce. They bake well into a quick-bread of the like, but also cookies.DSC_2145

This is just one of the many less known fruits out there. It is so much fun to try everything nature has to offer, especially a fruit that resembles the taste of pure sugar so closely!

I challenge you to challenge your Flour Children to try a new fruit this season, be it a persimmon or a…Cherimoya!


Just nature’s reminder to never judge a “book” by its “cover”…


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